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If you are already looking at the calendar in hope of camping on the Cabot Trail Cape Breton, then it is not too early to begin making plans. Camping, whether tenting, staying in a cabin, or in your trailer, is truly one of the best ways experience the magnificent beauty of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park on the Cabot Trail!

Meat Cove Campground, one of the camping hot spots in Eastern Canada in summer, is located midway around the Cabot Trail in Northern Cape Breton. Located at the top of Cape Breton near the communities of Cape North and Bay St Lawrence, Meat Cove is a small community that is beautiful, relaxed, and friendly.

Cape Betoners as a people are known for their friendly natures and welcoming ways. The staff at Meat Cove Campground certainly reflects this feeling as they assist you with all your camping needs on your trip around the Cabot Trail.

Meat Cove Campground boats spectacular ocean-side camping, amazing whale watching tours, mouthwatering seafood at the Chowderhut Restaurant, and great recreation and walking trails as well as a World Class 18-Hole Highland Links Golf Course just down the road in Ingonish.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park encompasses over 950 square kilometers of beautiful highlands and coastal wilderness. The Park is mostly elevated with a flat topped plateau that is cut by brooks and river canyons. If you are staying overnight or using the Park facilities an entry permit is required.

Don’t forget to check out other areas of the picturesque Cabot Trail, walking trails, whale watching, and bird watching within the Highlands National Park. A couple of must stops would be the Keltic Lodge and the Highlands Links Golf Course.


Enjoy our Free WIFI (wireless internet) while you camp. Wireless internet will allow you to keep in touch with family and friends back home as you enjoy this amazing camping experience at the Northern tip of Cape Breton.

Where Is Meat Cove Campground Located?

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

The Meat Cove Campground is located at 2479 meat cove road, Capstick, NS just off the Cabot Trail and just up the road from Ingonish Cape Breton. Phone 902.383.2379 to book your cabin and to make arrangements for camping, hiking, kayaking, and whale watching.

Meat Cove Campground offers it’s campers an excellent dining experience. Enjoy some lunch on the deck overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Cape Breton. Watch the whales as you walk along the beach after dining at the Meat Cove Campground & Oceanside Chowder Hut Cape Breton! Eat outdoors if you like and enjoy hot fresh seafood from our very own Chowder Hut Restaurant plus many more amenities that one would expect at a full services campground.

Walking Trails

Enjoy the Meat Cove Campground and it’s outdoor walking trails and accessible beaches within minutes of your campsite. You can purchase a souvenir t-shirt from our gift shop and stay in one of our many hillside cabins that many visitors take advantage of.

Camping On The Cabot Trail