Our Facilities

Enjoy our outdoor walking trails, accessible beach within minutes of your campsite, purchase a souvenir t-shirt from our gift shop, stay in one of our many hillside cabins, eat outdoors and enjoy hot fresh seafood from our very own Chowder Hut Restaurant plus many more amenities that one would expect at a full services campground.


Souvenir Shop

Purchase a Meat Cove Northern Tip t-shirts at our Souvenir Shop. Assorted colors and sizes!


Walking Trails

Atop Meat Cove Mountain overlooking one of our many hiking trails in Meat Cove Cape Breton!


Refreshing Swim

Stay overnight in our beautiful ocean-side campground and swim in the warm waters off Meat Cove Cape Breton.

kayaking in Meat Cove

Ocean Kayaking

Kayak through the natural arch in Meat Cove, also known as 'The Hammer" and watch the whales swim by.


Excellent Dining

Enjoy some lunch and watch the whales at the Meat Cove Campground & Oceanside Chowder Hut Cape Breton!


Oceanside Cabins

Stay in one of our beautiful cabins overlooking the ocean in beautiful Meat Cove Cape Breton.