If you are looking for a great adventure this summer, then you will want to experience Cape Breton Island camping, hiking and whale watching in Meat Cove!

There are so many things to do in Cape Breton but it’s nothing to stress over. You will figure it out once you get here. Just book a cabin at Meat Cove campground for starters and then the rest of your journey to Cape Breton Island will unfold.

Meat Cove Campground

Meat Cove Campground is probably once of the best known campgrounds in Northern Cape Breton! Located just off the Cabot Trail, it is nestled near the communities of Cape North and Bay St Lawrence. This beautiful community has many things to do like fishing, hiking, camping, whale watching, bird watching, kayaking, and swimming. You will not find a more relaxed and friendly place to visit or camp in Nova Scotia.

Once your camp is setup and you had a hot bowl of seafood chowder at the Meat Cove Campground “Chowder Hut”, you are all set to go for a long walk into the woods to experience nature at it’s best. As you walk you can hear the sound of the ocean waves hitting the beach. The roar of the waves and seagulls overhead make you realize that you are right where you need to be to relax and forgot about all your troubles.

A midnight walk on the beach is suggested. Start up a crackling fire on the beach and listen to the waves lapping on the shore. Marshmallows are the order of the day as everyone begins searching for the perfect stick to begin roasting the sticky treats. After a few hours of strumming a guitar by the fire and listening to the whales mournful cry in the distance, it is time to crawl in your camper or cabin for a blissful nights sleep.

It’s been a great day and night in Meat Cove and this is only day one!

In the morning you will wake up to birds singing and there it is again – the sound of the ocean waves and surf pounding the beach. The smell of bacon seems to wake up all the campers first thing in the morning. The smell of coffee follows with another slow walk on the beach.

Cabot Trail

Making plans for the day, don’t forget that you are on the Cabot Trail and are close to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park with over 950 square kilometers of beautiful coastal wilderness to explore. Lots to do and lots to see so we must get moving. It’s a sunny day so don’t forget to pack the sun screen. It is suggested that you take proper footwear as well when exploring the many trails that surround the Meat Cove Campground.

You are certain to see lots of brooks, birds, and river canyons as you meander along the walking trails. Have a great day in Meat Cove but don’t forget to pack a lunch. If you are back in time, we will have lunch ready for you at the Chowder Hut Restaurant.

Trip Advisor Reviews

Reviews on Trip Advisor

Amazing Campground – well worth the drive!

“Meat Cove is one of those places that everyone recommends, and with good reason! The campsite was amazing, incredible view and a great beach down below. Just be careful with the beverages, particularly after dark. That cliff-side is very close to some of the campsites! The food at the Chowder Hut was great. Simple seafood but well done. It’s a bit of a drive to get out here but the road was great. Gravel in some stretches but in good shape. Well worth the drive”  ~Keith C.

Hidden Gem on the most Northern point of Nova Scotia

“Hubby and I camped here for one night, awesome service, as soon as we arrived we were advised of best sites for optimal views we chose site 10. The host was great, friendly and informative. Awesome natural beauty and awesome nature abounds, eagles many sea birds and the potential for whales. Even though the weather called for sun it poured rain for 2&1/2 hrs, thankfully we had a shelter and plenty of tarps. Once the rain subsided we started a roaring fire which outlasted many spurts of intermittent rain…Thank goodness for a great tent.”  ~Mewshady

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Wilderness Cabins

At the Meat Cove Campground, just north of Ingonish Cape Breton, they have four camping wilderness cabins to choose from. If you don’t want to bring your tent or camper, then call ahead to book a wilderness cabin at the Meat Cove Campground – 902.383.2379!

Meat Cove Wilderness Cabins Cape BretonMeat Cove Cabins You need to bring your own bedding but everything else is provided like hot showers, drinking water, and flush toilets.

There are other things to do onsite like eat all your meals at the Chowder Hut, go hiking, swimming, and kayaking or whale watching.


Don’t forget to bring along your camera to take pictures of the amazing sunsets!

Also, we encourage everyone who camps in Meat Cove, Cape Breton to upload your pictures and videos to our Facebook Page. There we like to comment, like, and share with your friends all your amazing memories of your Cape Breton Island camping experience!

If you have any questions regarding camping in Meat Cove Cape Breton, contact us any time and we will do our best to get back to you withing 24 hours.


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